Stainless Steel Reusable Straws Multipacks w/ Straw Cleaner

Did you know that every day in the United States, we use enough plastic straws to circle the Earth 2 and a half times!? ☠ This should be a crime. Us humans MUST change our ways before it's too late, and real change starts in this moment... with YOU.

Play your part to help heal this planet for our children and grandchildren by switching to re-usable, Eco-friendly Stainless Steel Straws🌿

Purchase one of our gorgeous multi pack of stainless steel straws to last you a lifetime. We include a complimentary straw cleaner, as sometimes dishwashers don't do justice!

These are food grade straws that you can use wherever you go.

Simply using one straw saves an average of 34,000 plastic straws that could enter the environment from one person. Choose between several colors and know that you are playing your part in healing this planet for our ocean marine life, our children, our grandchildren and beyond ❤


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